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The Oas-An Story

Researching the damage caused by genetically altered seeds,
and headlines like...
"Industry Aims to Strip Local Control of Food Supply" helped us decide to take responsibility for our own food source; and to help others take responsibility for theirs. So Oas-An Hm Seed was created.
Our ability to grow our own is in jeopardy, and we've got to get ourselves back to the garden. I searched for a name that signified an earlier time.
My mother-in-law raised her children on this land and her grandmother name is Omma, (Dutch for Grandmother) and 'An' is Dutch for earth.
Ah, - Grandmother's Earth - perfect !

I have saved seeds for the last 20 years. I can certainly teach others how to do it too. Since I didn't want to waste my time on nutrient-low foods, I looked up the healthiest foods and found this site,
whfoods.com; it taught me where my energy should be spent in my own garden. Saving seeds is easier than you might think ! There were so many seeds when I harvested, I couldn't possibly use them all, so I thought I would sell them, and teach people about the nutrition each variety holds. I designed the seed packet to have all the information needed to save seed and a little nutritional information to nourish the mind.

Hm seeds come from non-hybrid (open-pollinated) varieties of vegetables. Growers can save their own seeds from heirloom seeds, as opposed to most modern hybrids which produce sterile or unreliable seeds. The term heirloom is used because the seeds for many of these varieties were saved by hand for generations. Farmers of the past dedicated their entire lives to producing seeds for plants that would grow well in their local area, only to have them go extinct due to commercial interests. On average, food travels over 1,000 miles to get to your plate. 70 to 90
% of the food in any store is *GMO ! It's time to turn this around and get local. The more I learned, the more I knew this was the path for me.

Chemical companies like Monsanto are part of the pesticide industry and they have been aggressively buying up seed companies for more than 20 years. I now refuse to rely on anyone for my seed... I didn't know if the seed I bought was genetically modified, or hybridized past the point of healthy. I question what they have done. I know their priority, and it's not health, either yours or mine. Large corporations aided and abetted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) have lowered organic standards. We will not stoop that low. Seeds are treasures and seed diversification is essential if we are to withstand food viruses such as the one that caused the Great Potato Famine in Ireland in the 1840s. With proper storage, most seed can last indefinitely. We need to take back responsibility for our food source and our health. Fortunately, this is neither difficult nor time consuming.
Together we will take back control over nutritional integrity. It can't get more local than when you grow your own - from your seed. No more worries about the food grown for the masses being tainted because when you grow your own, that concern is remedied. The fresher your food source, the more nutritious it is. When you grow with your own seed, you and your family don't have to rely on anyone to provide something that you can provide yourself.

What seed we don't grow here in Lewis County, New York, we buy or trade
with other small family organic farms. This is common practice with smaller seed growers. Pesticides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers annihilate soil. The food grown in these conditions isn't healthy. If the minerals aren't in the soil, they won't be in your food. We believe heirloom seeds go hand
in hand with organic gardening and organic farming. The more people know
about how to grow their own food and save seed, the better.
Nutritional information and seed saving how-to come
with all vegetable seeds that we sell.
Our goal is to offer the best varieties for you to
begin your own seed saving adventure.

We encourage you to save the seeds from individual plants that meet your standards. We adhere strictly to the Safe Seed pledge, returning to the earth with seed from an earlier time, before corporations took control over and advantage of our food sources.

Oas-An Hm seed.
We must work together to assure the future of our food source.
Remember -nutritional information and seed saving instructions comes with all vegetable seeds.

*Genetically Modified (GMO) seeds are patented and require a license fee and a contract to use certain pesticides. Some GMO crops are designed to produce sterile (terminator gene technology) seeds. GMO seeds mix both plant and animal matter in ways that nature never intended. Recent studies showed that GMO crops have 10% lower yields,
and create genocide on the cycle of life.